Developing Independent Work

Lets be honest, assigned work isn’t always fun. As helpful and necessary assignment artwork is in becoming a better artist, there really isn’t anything quite like just doing you and creating whatever you want! The joy of free and independent art work is a beautiful feeling that I’m sure we all cherish. However, it can be very hard to just be set free. Last week I mentioned that I had been caught in a creative rut that I was really trying to come out of, and for the most part I have! Slowly but surely, I’ve been working out a few ideas and thought with this post I could share some advice for starting your first piece after a long stretch of creative barrenness.

This is actually a topic of discussion with all my paintings classes this year because it is very hard to find motivation with the current virtual landscape of our education these days. So my teacher, the great Dennis Corrigan, often hammers home the idea that you really need to create no matter your mood! I know, easier said then done, but this man knows what he’s talking about. Dennis says a good way to do this is to literally sit down, set a timer on your phone for like an hour and a half and just draw, paint, doodle ANYTHING! Usually once you start you’re not gonna want to stop. Or, at the very least, you can be happy that did something! So much of the difficulty of painting is purely psychological and once you get clear of your own mind you’ll be gravy!

Mood and psychology don’t just have to be hindrances though, you can use them to your advantage. For example I’ve been very, very, very, frustrated with this whole semester and honestly the whole state of the world, as I’m sure all of you are too. So, I’ve been using that frustration and all that anger to motive and inspire my next painting that is surely to be my biggest yet. Although i don’t have much to share with you all now, I am eager to show you my progress in the weeks to come!

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