Digging Light Ditches

Week 9 Rant: No Rant this week, twas a good week!

This was a short week. A couple classes got canceled, and this week was our Fall Department of Visual Arts trip to NYC. These are always fun. One day in the city is never enough time. I like going to the galleries and seeing things we learned about in school. And of course I always have Josephine with me (Josey is my Digital Voodoo black magic camera). So I got a lot of Street Photography done. One of my Photo buddies went with me on the trip. We would yell “DIBS” when we saw a shot we wanted to take. I am sure we looked comical fighting and arguing over who got to shoot what. In the end we both took the pictures anyway. I think we have become really good Light Jedi’s and can sense when a picture is about to be made.

Marywood classes update

Color Photography:
We finished up our critique on Still Life: Telling a Story. This was challenging for me. My years of being a grunt in the Army hardened me with an “actions not words” kind of attitude, so expressing myself is very challenging. My grunt answer to photography is “I like to take purty pictures.” So here are some of my still life story pictures. What does the photograph say? I will leave that up to you.

Advertising Photography:
We finally had our critique with our Reflective Project. This is the project where I had a candy in the dish photograph. We have had too much time for this project, and I was a little shocked at the results from everyone in the class. Some were fantastic and gave me tons of inspiration, but there were a couple that look like they just shot the photos before class. Come on people! Push me to do better! I strive on working harder and trying to do the best I can do. Something my mom always used to say to me was, “Do your best! Even if you dig ditches for a living, be the best ditch digger you can be.” I tried saying that in my head with a Forest Gump accent, it failed.

Intaglio Printmaking:
This class has opened up my eyes on how many famous artist used printmaking as their medium. Just in a few of the Galleries I visited recently in NYC, I have seen Picasso, Warhol, Dine, Jasper Johns, and Rauschenburg (no one on earth can spell that name correct). So thanks Mr. Hoffer for opening another world to me.

PS. Rant

Doing paperwork for Studying Abroad stinks!

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