So as this is my first week back I’ve been cautious about using my left arm. However, last Friday I started physical therapy and they said I seem to be in much better shape than they anticipated and, with their help, I’m going through the necessary motions to quicken my healing process. So, aside from exercises they have provided me, over the past few days I have been experimenting with different ways to hold my pens and brushes. Since the injury was in my wrist there was muscular damage to the flexors in my forearm causing a loss of grip strength in my hand. Apart from attempting to write and draw with my right hand, I have put grips on my pencils using foam to allow me to hold on and write. While this has been a primary success in terms of getting motion back, I have tried a few other unorthodox ways of holding my pencils to a lesser extent. As I keep doing my exercises I keep improving and I can’t wait to get full control back.

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