DIY: Bookmarks 

When it’s warm out I usually like to go outside and bring a book along too. Bookmarks are a great way to not lose your page but sometimes they fall out. So here is a new kind of bookmark that is easy and fun to make.

Step 1: Square, X, fold

In order for the bookmark to be a clean triangle; the paper had to be cut into a perfect square. Mine is 6in X 6in. It really depends on the size of the book. Once you have your square you are going to fold it so that there is an X in the center of it. Have the paper facing you so that it looks like a diamond. Now take the right corner and fold it to the center of the diamond and repeat with the left.

Step 2: folds

Now take the paper and fold it in half as if it was a book itself. Next you’re going to turn it horizontally and take the right corner and fold it up along the middle fold and repeat on the left.

Step 3: tucks

Finally, you are going to want to open the triangle. It should look like a pocket. Take the pointed ends that are left over and tuck them into the pocket of the triangle.

Now you have your very own corner bookmark!

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