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Over Memorial Day Weekend I went camping with my family up in Verona, New York. Unfortunately I did not get the chance to draw, paint, or make some art over the weekend but it was nice to take a break and relax while I was on my camping trip. This week while I’m home, I definitely plan to get back into the groove of things and work on some projects though. In the past when I made lists or just collected my thoughts it gave me more motivation to complete all my tasks. So here’s a list of what I hope to accomplish.

1. Finish my hand-lettering project

Last week I spoke about a hand-lettering project I just started and I want to keep working on that. I had a lot of fun creating my design, so it will be great to finally scan that into the computer, edit it and see the finished product.

2. Paint for my grandma

I also want to finally start a still life of flowers painting for my grandma and I talked about that in a separate post a few weeks ago as well.

3. Practice figure drawing

figure it out

Along with those two projects I also want to practice figure drawing in my sketchbook. For Christmas I received a book on figure drawing by Christopher Hart called Figure it Out! Human Proportions and have not had the chance to use it since. I’ve looked through the book a little bit and it seems like it will be very helpful since struggle with figure drawing. It might be cliché but I truly believe in the saying, “Practice makes perfect,” because if you don’t practice at something, you won’t get better at it. I’ve always especially had a difficult time drawing human hands and feet accurately and realistically so I think this book will help me greatly with that. I really look forward to using it in the coming weeks.

4. Get back into photography

Eventually, I hope to get outside and take some pictures. Since the semester ended in the beginning of May I haven’t used my camera at all. The weather has been beautiful lately, so hopefully it continues. Outside in nature there is so much to take pictures of and there are endless opportunities.

5. Work with new mediums

Lastly, I want to try creating art in new mediums. I’ve always wanted to try weaving and knitting. Both seem really relaxing and fun so those are definitely two possibilities. I don’t have many other ideas right now, but I’m sure if I look on Pinterest something will spark my interest to try.

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