DIY Christmas Snow-globes

Another make your own activity that works great for Christmas gifts are homemade snow-globes! All supplies for this project I got at my local A.C. Moore and most of the items were discounted, so get your final items from there before they close next month!

To make a snow-globe, first you have to buy a mason jar in whatever size you prefer. I’ve made some taller ones and some shorter ones and they all still end up looking great! After you get your mason jars picked out there’s sections in craft stores or even Walmart with little figurines including puffy trees that will make your snow-globe even better!

When you decide to get the puffy trees, you should wash them thoroughly first because the coloring on them sometimes fades into the water of the snow-globe if this step isn’t done.

Now with your materials in hand, take the cap off each snow globe and then fill the tops with water. Glue your pieces to the cap and add as much glitter as you want to the water in the jar, I use white since it looks most like snow! Once your glue is dry and your pieces are sure not to move, take the cap and put it in the water of the jar and screw shut. Turn upside down and shake until your heart is content!

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