DIY: How to Make My Favorite Accessory

I was blessed with frizzy, thick and curly hair. And I absolutely love it, but there are days where I need to wear it in a ponytail or a braid because of volleyball practice or the summer heat.

Pulling my hair back with a hairband or a hair-tie always gives me headaches and pulls out my hair which is why I was so excited that scrunchies came back in style! I threw so much money away on buying scrunchies by the packs so that I would have one to match every outfit… and I can not believe that I didn’t figure out how to make them for myself until now.

While cleaning out my bedroom and getting rid of clothes I no longer wear, I was inspired to find ways to recycle my clothing materials into new and useful things for myself. And when I realized I could make my favorite hair accessory, I knew I HAD to share with you all!

Materials: So first you’ll need any piece of fabric, (I used an old tank top for this) ruler, needle, thread, hairband, and a pair of scissors.

Step 1: Measure your piece of fabric using the ruler and cut. The length should be 18 inches and the width should be 5 inches.

Step 2: Lay your newly cut piece of fabric on a flat surface and put the hairband overlapping on one of the corners.

Step 3: Fold the opposite side overtop of the hairband, leaving part of it exposed.

Step 4: Begin sewing the two edges together. Be sure to only sew the fabric that is inside of the hairband.

Step 5: Continue sewing the edges by moving the fabric around the the hairband.

Step 6: Do not sew the ends together! Once you are finished sewing the length of the fabric around the hairband, turn the fabric inside out so that the pattern is on the outside.

Step 7: Finally, sew the open edges together to close the fabric and there you go! Rock your homemade scrunchie!

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