Playing Cards

This past week has been extremely busy and while I have struggled to find time to paint, I have gathered some painting inspiration. I received a set of playing cards with paintings by one of my favorite artists, Alphonse Mucha, on them. The cards have a different painting on each one and I love looking at them so much that I don’t know if I will ever really play with them. Odds are they will all end up taped to the sides of my easel.

Yesterday I was able to find time to paint on a long break at work. I set up my paints at a table in the camp classroom and put a movie on the big projector to listen to while I worked. I brought the cards with me to give me ideas for the background design as I continued with the series of doll paintings I have been working on.

 I was able to finish this small painting during the break and when I shared It with the campers I got mixed reviews. Half of the kids seemed to think she was some sort of scary ghost doll and I enjoyed listening to them make up stories about her.

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