Painting Sunflowers

Hello everyone! I am here to give an update on my special project for my brother and sister-in-law’s vow ceremony. Time is almost up and it needs to be done by Thursday. I’ve spent the past weeks learning how to paint sunflowers and discovering how I like to paint them. First I did what everyone does, I went to YouTube and watched some tutorials on painting sunflowers, and then I found out that I have my own method.

The first thing I did was I found my image off Then I sized the flowers and drew them onto my canvas. One way to start painting the flowers is to start off with the center and then paint the petals. I did both, painted the petals and center at the same time. I also used layers of light yellows to build up a base for the oranges and golds colors, so they would stand out against the blue background.

When I had finished painting all of the flowers, I started on the leaves. I used sap green, yellow green, yellow, white, and black to create the range of highlights and shadows. I am very happy with the outcome of the flowers. I feel that they could use some touch ups. It is always good to learn how to paint new things.

This painting is almost done, I only need to finish the ocean, bottle, and beach. I will be back next week to show you the painting in action at the reception.

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