Norman Rockwell

Hi everyone! This week I wanted to talk about a famous American painter and illustrator. His work is well-known to the common American, since it is included in many calendars and was in newspapers during his time. Not to mention, he created portraits of Presidents and create illustrations for books of Mark Twain. This artist is Norman Rockwell.

The illustrations I wanted to go over today are from his posters on the Saturday Evening Post.

These are just three post covers out of many that Rockwell made. The first one (left) is called “The Gossips.” Apparently, Rockwell created this work after his neighbor spread a nasty rumor about him. He based his models off of his friends, so he also made sure to include himself and his wife to make sure his friends wouldn’t be offended.

The next post (middle) is called “No Swimming.” The three boys were obviously swimming where they weren’t suppose to, and now they are running away. Even their dog is running with them. It seems like they are trying not to get caught; however, it was later noted that the boys weren’t running away from anyone, but they were running away from bees.

The last post (right) is called “The Runaway.” Rockwell’s model for the State Trooper was one of his neighbor’s, Richard Clemens. The younger boy is Eddie Lock. This post cover is admired for the details throughout it. For instance, the coffee pot, the radio, the pies, the chalk board, and more. Also, the contrast between the height of the Trooper and boy unifies the poster. It appears that the boy was trying to run away from home, but maybe the trooper is talking him out of it.

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