Don’t Doubt, Just Grow

I think the number one struggle artists experience is, in fact, the one thing that makes them just that. The desire for perfection, the constant back and forth about what is right or wrong in the art world, what they should be focusing on, talking themselves into working, doubting their skills and their ideas. We may sit back and say ” I really should go take a look at that piece” or “I wonder if I can take a different approach…”, and continue to procrastinate anyway. I know I have been having trouble getting myself to act on ideas that have flooded my mind, we all do. Art is intimidating. Our ideas are so raw and personal that we can’t help but be partially swallowed by fear every once in awhile. That fear though is our passion in disguise. We question ourselves constantly, and I am positive we have all had the thought cross our minds of whether or not we are cut out for this, the artist way of living. The funny part is, though, that we don’t really choose it, it chooses us.

We question because we care, we analyze because we want the images in our heads to be open for others to experience, but in the exact way we want it to be seen. The perfection will drive us crazy, but it is all because our message is so important. The struggle we face is all for the purpose of fulfilling a goal for our creative monsters that have so kindly set up shop in our twisting minds. The ever popular phrase “practice makes perfect” fits well in this scenario. Whether we fight with ourselves just to pick up a pencil, or we’ve worked for hours on a piece that just isn’t cooperating, we are practicing our art. We are constantly considering; that mixed with our raw passion will only allow us to grow. We may not work as much as we feel we should but those doubts should never be welcome in the midst of your creative journey.

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