Don’t Overthink It.

Hello everyone! As a class we had a super fun project for Advanced Graphic Design. We got to throw a little happiness/encouragement up on our bathroom stalls. So people can constantly be reminded to stay confident and happy.

We got to choose any quote we wanted and design / illustrate it however we wanted. I personally choose the quote, “Don’t Over Think it, Dude.” I liked this quote because it was just straight forward. Theres been many times I find myself running to the bathroom after doing something I thought was embarrassing or awkward. I would go to the bathroom just to escape the embarrassment. Thats how I came up with the idea of making something that reminded you not to over think it. Just a little reminder that overthinking things can make it a bigger issue than it originally was.

I know if I saw this posted on the bathroom stall I was about to escape awkwardness from, I would chuckle and think you’re right, no need to overthink it. It was just a silly incident. Nothing that was life changing.




I hope you love it, and remember… Don’t Overthink it, Dude.

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