Art And Healing

Saying Hello First and Foremost

Hello Hello!

I am new to Where Creativity Works, but nonetheless, I am very excited to be posting about Art Therapy! Hopefully you enjoy my content and findings as much as I do!


Getting To The Good Stuff

Art Therapy began in the 1940s and has since been on the rise in popularity. Everyone has their own interpretation of what Art Therapy is but really there is no one defining answer.

In this field, there’s just doing art as a way to relax or there’s doing art as a way to cope. Art Therapy is quite the exciting concept because HEY! it’s not just art but a process that

zentangle 3

Free Drawing Mandala

allows people to heal at their own pace and on their own terms. This idea can be as simple or as complex as the person observing may see it. In many ways, art is used as a way to explore an individuals unconscious thoughts and really get to the root of their trauma or inner conflicts. However, sometimes its just a matter of free drawing that really brings someone inner peace, or a level of catharsis.

Speaking of free drawing…have you guys ever heard of Zeta Omicron?! Zeta Omicron is a chapter of Kappa Pi, the International Art Honor Society, that brings a bunch of artists together to bring happiness, growth and charitable causes to the campus of Marywood and Scranton in general!


Paint and Sip Event

One of our events is a paint and sip class with our lovely ladies from Holy Family. This can be seen as an open, free drawing studio environment to make art and just find relaxation and creativity within ones self.

All in all, I believe Art Therapy can be found in anything, taking on any role. You go looking for it, and Art Therapy will be there, waiting for you to explore your creative side and your need for healing.

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