Drawing Challenge Week I

Last week I spoke about how I wanted to start a drawing challenge. I did start the challenge like I had planned and I’m glad I did. Sometimes I have trouble deciding on what to draw and this challenge made drawing more fun. Here are a couple of the drawings I did this week.

I figured I would start off this challenge with 060. draw an exotic fish since animals are one of my favorite things to draw. Immediately I thought of Finding Nemo since it is one of my favorite Disney movies and began looking up images of clownfish to draw. To start off I did just a basic contour line drawing in my sketchbook. Then to bring the fish to life I used watercolors for a base and then went over top with colored pencil and black pen. Using colored pencil and markers made it easier to create details and also created some texture on the fish.


I also went around the house and collected children toys to draw for 010. draw children’s toys. A lot of the toys I had as a child are stored away, but I still had some stuffed animals sitting around and figured those would be perfect. I set the stuffed animals up as a still life and did a pen drawing that took me 2 hours or so. What do you think?


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