Drawing Digitally

Traditional mediums have always been my first and favorite choice; I enjoy working “hands-on”. I was introduced to digital art when I was a sophomore in high school. Never having used it, it was entirely foreign to me. I stuck with my pencil and paper and did not attempt any program.

I began to learn about several different programs upon my entry into Marywood. The largest programs were those by Adobe. I learned to work in Adobe and continue to learn today. Other students mentioned other programs that they had used and this included Autodesk Sketchbook. It was a free app that was downloadable and I began to experiment.

The drawings below are a set of digital drawings that I have recently done.

Sledgehammer I - EDITTrench Coat

Sledgehammer IIRed

These drawings were done based off of old family photographs. I decided to start off with the black and fill in the shadows. There were several values, so I simplified where the shadows were. The next step was to color in the rest. My favorite part about these is the solid color background vs. the “smoke” in the foreground. I had accidentally pressed the wrong brush and it ended up looking interesting. Using that brush I created this unique smoke effect.

I may attempt to go into more detail. I am going to try to use this style in the future with different subjects.


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