Drawing Everyday

This week I wanted to talk about something a little different than me working on art projects. Something that is important for any student looking to be an illustrator. It is vital that you draw every single day. There are so many reasons why this is true even though it may be difficult to do. It separates an average drawer to an extraordinary one.

Drawing every day is so important because it not only strengthens your drawing abilities but also design, concept, composition etc. You start to see the things you draw in a new way. Such as connect certain objects with similar shapes, figuring out correct proportions on a human, or sighting the right angles for perspective. These are necessary components of being a successful illustrator and will help you down the road.

Practicing this every day, can also define and improve your style. This sounds like common sense, but the more you draw the more you are using your drawing style. Everyone’s sense of style is different, but the more you are working on your own will make your artwork more meaningful to yourself.

Lastly I would like to say that I know this can be extremely difficult for some people to fit into their schedules. You have a lot of other things to balance such as school work, a social life, free time, and sleeping. Even if you just do five to ten minutes of drawing every day, that little bit of effort will go a long way.

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