Inlay Project 

I’ve spent a lot of time this semester working on just one project in Jewelry. There have been several posts leading up to this final product. In Post Inlay, I gave a preview of what the moon phases would look like in the bronze band. The process of doing the inlay definitely took the longest to complete because of the pieces didn’t fit perfectly then it wouldn’t solder properly. In the post Casting a Bezel there is diamond shaped piece that I used in this project that holds the blue Hawkeye stone. To get the moon and sun piece to attach to the band I riveted them together. This is the process of drilling holes into two separate pieces, then taking little pieces of wire and hammering them into the holes. This makes the wire flat on both ends to hold the pieces in place. I chose to do riveting instead of soldering the pieces together because I would risk it eventually popping off.

This project was definitely the hardest one because there were so many things involved in completing it but I’m happy with the outcome. I really enjoyed my Jewelry II class this semester because I got to learn new techniques. I will be taking Jewelry III this spring semester but unfortunately my regular jewelry teacher will no longer be teaching the class. Even so, I have hope that the art department will find a new teacher. Now that break is here I’ll be working on some paintings that I haven’t had a chance to complete yet so stay tuned for the finished products!


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