Drawing Pokémon

Hello everyone, this post will be a short one. With the fall semester starting soon and my book illustration class starting next Friday, I wanted to get some practice in digital drawing. I really want to develop a style of drawing that looks more cartoony. I have always drawn realistically, but as an illustrator I feel it is important to know how to draw in a variety of styles.

So this week I decided to try something new and draw Pokémon. Pokémon has been one of my favorite things since I was a kid. I was always either watching the show or playing the video games. I picked horse Pokémon to draw because I wanted to make them more realistic in their proportions. I used images from Pixabay to get positions for the horses. I chose to draw Ponyta, Blitzle, and Zebstrika.

I had a lot of fun drawing these Pokémon. It was also a challenge to figure out what features of the Pokémon I could include. This was a helpful thing for me to do because it allowed me to get in practice before the semester begins and now I feel more confident in my drawing abilities. I plan to draw more Pokémon soon.

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