Craft Fair

Two weekends ago I went to the Lititz craft fair for the first time. It was huge, the whole town was filled with stands and the streets were packed. While I wasn’t a huge fan of the crowds, I did enjoy searching through a few of the stands selling antiques. 

I ended up buying this little wooden chest, and when I opened it there was a mini identical chest inside that was so cute I couldn’t resist. This week I decided to paint the inside of the lids for fun. One of my goals when I started painting was to try making my design look old. I wanted it to look like the paint was meant to be there, so I chose muted colors in a floral pattern. 

When I finished the painting I decided they needed a little something more, I looked around the house for some fabric or beads that I could add and I ended up finding an old barbie dress that was metallic gold, it had just enough fabric after cutting it up to cover the bottom of both chests. 

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