Dry Point-Harry Potter

I am a very crafty person so after taking a 3-D class in my freshman year, it made me realize just how much I missed getting my hands dirty in my work. And how much I love learning new ways to create art with just my hands that don’t require just a paint brush and some paint. So during my fall semester last year I took Intaglio Printmaking, and it was by far one the most fun classes I have taken at Marywood.

There are many forms of printmaking and Intaglio is one of those forms. One of our first bigger projects I had made in class was a dry point. So for that project I chose to do a Harry Potter inspired illustration, and one of the many things you should know about me is that I am obsessed with Harry Potter. It had taken me a little bit longer than expected to get it just right, and after a few proofs I had ended up with two final copies, and if I can say after it being my first time working on a larger scale plexiglass plate it looks pretty good.

Even if dry point is a bit more labor intensive than other methods of printmaking it is definitely the most fun and the most messiest form of it. Most of the works that I have done for that class that came out the best was actually dry point.

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