February: First Friday

Scranton, PA is a city where the arts are alive and well

Around every corner, there is another place where the arts thrive. A lot of these places are hidden further back in the city, so take a day trip and visit the local galleries.

The Bogart Court, for instance, is where the Trinity Gallery is located. It is run by a mother, her sister, and her daughter. They have many art styles to offer, such as painting, photography, and jewelry/sculpture making. They all make amazing works of art that are brimming with personality and emotion. It’s definitely worth it to take a day trip to visit this gallery. It’s pretty amazing.

Above are the cards for both the gallery, and their personal business cards. Check them out!

Another great place to visit is the AOS Metals jewelry shop. They do metalwork, jewelry, and also sell cute handmade items. They have clothes, prints, and other lovely knickknacks that are definitely worth seeing. When you’re out and about in the city of Scranton, look into the local galleries. Another good way to get information on the local galleries is to attend the First Friday Scranton showings at the beginning of every month. Each of these galleries has many different works on display, and many different artistic perspectives to offer. If you are an art student, or even just a lover of the arts, these galleries should be on your list of places to visit. Help your local galleries today and give them a visit!

Photography Courtesy of Jordan Slater

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