Room Makeover

This weekend I went home and changed rooms. We recently moved my grandma to the bottom floor so I now have her room. I wanted to make the room more interesting than having plain purple walls. I have been planning this design with triangles for a couple years now and I was finally able to go through with my plan. I have done patterns like this on multiple art pieces that I have and I love how they came out.

wall with tapeFirst, I put painter’s tape on the walls. When I paint the walls grey, the places where there are tape would remain purple when I peeled them off. My dad actually doubted this would work but it did! The hard part was making the sharp edges with the tape and also peeling the tape off. If I would have left the tape on while the paint dried, the tape would have peeled off the paint that is touching it and would peel off the purple paint under it.

All I need to do now is fix up a few spots to make the edges more sharp. I do plan to put some geometric shapes in the other corners of my room next weekend. I think this would help the room come together.

In the end, it came out beautiful.

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