Duchamp Stoppage Inspired Painting

Last week I started a new painting based on Marcel Duchamp’s stoppage concept yet again! Last semester I worked with his concept for my Sculpture I class, which I wrote about in three of my posts earlier in the spring this year. As I mentioned in my first post “Duchamp’s “Stoppages”,’ I took a string and dropped it from a few different heights onto a piece of cardboard allowing for chance to run its course. Once I was happy with the line created by the string, I traced it onto the cardboard. Cutting along those traced lines, I was left with my stoppages. From that assignment I choose to use my curvy stoppage for my painting.

When my professor, Nikki Moser, gave her artist lesson of Duchamp and his stoppages, she mentioned how Duchamp originally used his stoppages for painting. I knew in that moment I wanted to try that in time and that time finally arrived!

With my use of my curvy stoppage, I thus far created this:

Duchamp Stoppage Inspired PaintingAs of now I would say this is a great foundation. I plan to add additional aspects especially to the previous painted chair on the bottom left. There is something about that chair that I simply adore. I want to highlight the chair and hopefully from there I will spark some more ideas!

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