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Europe Rant

Things are getting very busy! As I write this I will have less than 2 weeks left in Italy! But with finals and projects being due, this is no time to sight see or sit back and enjoy life here. This is the bad thing about studying abroad, yes the studying when I have some of the most romantic and picturesque places constantly calling to me as if some evil siren. It is hard enough with my attention span and then trying to do 2 massive papers and all my projects funneling into one week. Funny thing is even writing this blog sometimes takes me in all different directions as if the proverbial “Squirrel” just flashed in my mind and took me off in some imaginary chase. Ok, so here are a few older shots I did, I have tons of new stuff  but have just not gotten around to editing them yet.

SACI Class Update

Black & White Photography
Waiting on critique and continuing work in the darkroom; without the darkroom I think I would loose my mind!

Color Documentary Photography
Fighting time to use the color printers. Nothing worse for a photo major to see is some other majors printing on the Photo printers.

Digital Multimedia
Editing my final stop-motion project (if you have followed my posts, you know I dislike editing)!

Oh great more editing!

Art History
Yay no final test!! Boo a final paper instead! I much would rather a test. Art history tests are easy, unless they are essays which are harder for me.

Weekly quote~

“A photograph is not an accident – it is a concept.” ~ Ansel Adams

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