Pieces By Pieces

Recently I had been assigned an art exercise that I really enjoyed. The material used was tissue paper—yes, the craft material that you would use as a child during arts and craft time. However, I had used tissue paper in a new more mature way. The use of tissue paper took away the pressure of using expensive materials and made the process more enjoyable.

I had started this process by preparing pieces of Masonite along with wooden frames to fit around the Masonite pieces.  I then put a couple coats of gesso on the Masonite to allow for a white surface for the tissue paper to be glued onto.

The tissue paper was fun to play with. The transparency aspect of this material allowed for further experimentation. There were certain colors that lend themselves to the transparency than others which was taken into consideration when creating the composition. I carried the yellow tissue paper which was the center of the center frame out to the other pieces. Because the yellow was the most transparent color it was easy to carry it out throughout the three frames while unifying all of the frames. 

I decided to title this “Enlightenment” because of the light source that transcends into the other space gives the piece a feeling of searching for purpose. I enjoyed this exercise and plan to continue with this series of tissue paper color theories. I love coloring and layering so this really was the perfect medium for me! I can’t wait to see what comes next with this!

tissue paper art

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