Embossing is a type of printmaking that does not involve any ink. It is essentially when you create a design using something like linoleum and carving into it. You put damp paper on top of the design and run it through the press. It then comes out raised on the paper and gives the design a unique look from traditional prints.

For my project I wasn’t really sure what kind of design to include in an embossing. I had to make a design that would stand out with the shadows and highlights. To achieve this depended on how deep or shallow I carved into the linoleum. I decided to make an atom, I felt that the lines could make a cool design if done the right way. I also created a small border in the corners that would not distract from the atom in the center.

To create my embossment I made several proofs, which are basically a test print to see how the design was working and if anything needed to be changed. Once I finally settled on the final design I made five different final pieces which were printed on a type of paper that could be turned into a card.

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