Walk in The Snow

This past week has been more of the same in terms of out of season weather in Scranton, although not the same in terms of the kind of weather, so after my shift of snow removal at the Everhart Museum I thought it would be cool to explore Nay Aug Park a little. Most of the trails were under about 18 inches of snow, so going pretty much anywhere was a bit of a trudge, but it was interesting to be completely alone with the park. As far as photos would go, a lot of the trail was fairly homogeneous, but that didn’t detract much from it.

After a couple of miles on the trail I ended up at the waterfall down at the gorge, which was more or less my intended destination, and as far as fodder for photos there was considerably more that was interesting. The green of the evergreen trees against the more harsh backdrop of the rocks, ice, and snow provided an interesting contrast which was further accentuated by the evenness of the light.

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