Ocean Inspiration

It’s funny because I didn’t realize I had a style to my work until someone pointed it out to me in one of my Visual Concepts critiques a couple weeks ago. The project was figure-ground reversal, and they said they could tell it was my piece because it was ‘ocean inspired’ and  after seeing my past work they just knew it was mine. To me, that was such a huge compliment, but it still made me laugh because I never intentionally incorporated the ocean into any one project. It was always just the first idea that popped into my head.

Figure ground reversal design with an ocean scene landscape

Visual Concepts Project

I will admit, I’m obsessed with using all shades of blue and green, and the watercolor brush on Illustrator practically has my name on it since I use it so much. I also live on the water right outside of Annapolis, Maryland so I’m constantly surrounded by the water. All summer long I’d take my family’s jet skis out to watch the sunset with my friends, so my phone’s camera roll would be filled with plenty of pictures of the waves. It’s always just been a part of my life so finding out it was influencing my graphic design work was quite the news to hear, especially since I’m actually not a huge fan of getting in the water just looking at it.

As I look back now, I can totally see it though. During my fall semester freshman year for
my very first Computer Graphics I project, I made iPhone case designs that had a variety of beach themed items on them such as starfish, sea shells, sea turtles, waves, and fish scales. That spring I also took 3-Dimensional Design where I made a jellyfish out of wire, along with some clay crabs and starfish. It was really neat to know that I was developing my own personal style, and that people were able to recognize my work. I’m not worried about overdoing it because it’s never intentional, it all just come naturally to me. I’ve definitely been able to show that I have variety in all my work while still keeping it mine as well. I plan to keep doing what I’ve been doing with my art, and just see what I get inspired by next. I can definitely guarantee I will have more ocean inspired artwork in the future, so keep a look out in the halls of the Visual Arts Center.

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