End of the Semester Blues

As another semester here at Marywood wraps up, I am left feeling more satisfied than ever! This fall semester was by far a very busy and crazy semester I have had so far. There was a lot of work, close deadlines, and I was always on the move but I am glad it is over for now. Regardless of all the work, I am beyond thankful and grateful because I learned a great deal of knowledge, new techniques, and surprising a great deal of life lessons this semester.

For one, I ended up loving Ceramics. This was the first time I ever worked with clay, actually making something from it. The wheel work was the most difficult aspect of the course for me. At first I felt very frustrated because I could not get the techniques down and the wheel honestly intimidated me. However, I was very fortunate to have a great professor, Matt Povse. He knew I was having a bit of trouble with the wheel and suggested I watch videos of others throw, which I did and it really helped to see additional ways to throw for me to try out on my own! Personally I definitely improved towards the end of the semester and I am sad the course has come to an end but I am happy I learned something new and walked away with some really lovely, functional pieces!

I also learned a great deal in Computer Graphics I with professor Sue Jenkins. Not only did I learn how to design graphically, but I learned about what to expect in the reality of the art world and to go after every possible opportunity I am faced with. Art opportunities not only look fabulous on a resume but also allow for me to learn and grow as an artist and that is the most important aspect especially for me!

One last class I feel as I fully received the greatest knowledge was in Introduction to World Literature. I can honestly say I walked away from that class with a better understanding of who I am and what I believe in. I never felt so inspired before! There were so many times when I almost busted into tears because I was so moved on my professor’s (Dr. Deborah Brassard) discussion. She went in great depth about the meaning of life based upon virtue and love with the books we read in class. I hate to go into too much detail because I cannot ruin the class for any of her future students! But because of her class, I discovered things about myself that I never knew before and I feel as if I walked away as an improved human in society and I cannot thank her enough!

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