Environmental Art

Environmental art is a type of artwork that people make to call attention to something out in the world. Some environmental artists will create artwork out in nature that makes a statement about how we are destroying parts of the environment. Other artists may do it for more abstract reasons.


Stone towers, in a way, are a form of environmental art. People have to go out of their way to set them up on trails, on top of mountains, or anywhere else in nature. They figure out the center of gravity of rocks and stack them in a tower-like structure. Most of the time they are smaller in size, but some people manage to stack huge rocks to create massive towers.

Recently, I did my own type of art which was a fun experience. While I was on vacation in Florida, I took my coworker’s dinosaur from work to take pictures of. It started as a joke but I ended up bringing it along and snapping photos of it doing normal vacation things.


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