Event Project

Hello Everyone! I hope all is well! This past week I took photographs for my first photojournalism project. My assignment was to photograph an event in out area.

I chose to photograph a local auction as they were going to have 4-H animals for sale and I wanted to capture how the kids interacted with their animals. My plan didn’t work though, because they only 4-H member that stayed was my little sister, so I had to take picture of her and her two animals before they were sold.

We needed to photograph three images. One close-up, one in medium range, and one zoomed out. I enjoyed taking these photographs because even though they were of my sister I was still able to capture photographs and she paid no attention to me. She was just focused on saying her last goodbyes to her animals. Not going to lie, I teared up a little taking these photographs because I became attached to them too.

For both of us it was a long emotional day, but I am happy with the photographs that I captured, that I wouldn’t have been able to capture in the first place. Here they are.

That’s all for this week! Stay Safe! Stay Healthy! I’ll talk to you all next week!

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