Work In Progress: Album Cover

Hello everyone! This week I wanted to show some work in progress pictures of an album cover project I have to do for my General Illustration 2 class. The goal of this project is to redo an existing album cover and put your own twist on it or pick a song off of the album and create an album cover for it.

Portrait of a girl with the eclipse in the background

My first idea was to do a song by Hiroyuki Sawano and it’s called Zero Eclipse. This song is from the Attack on Titan Season 3 soundtrack. The music on that album is really good and, overall Hiroyuki is a really expressive and amazing composer. His music definitely goes with the whole vibe of the show which is dark and sad, yet powerful and inspirational at the same time. In the first thumbnail on the left, I have one of the characters from the show inside of an eclipse background. The character I put in is named Historia and she is a very powerful character. At first she hides from who she really is, but then she embraces her royal blood line and becomes queen to lead her people out of a corrupt and unstable government that was lead by a fake king and selfish politicians. The other reason why I put her on the cover was to represent that this song was from a show and this song is in general about her. The second thumbnail is just to see what the cover would look like without Historia in it.

Drawings of Brendon Urie

My second idea was to do Impossible Year by Panic! At The Disco. This song is really good, it’s from the Death of a Bachelor album. I just really like the mood the song creates because it is a really depressing song, but it’s beautiful. It’s about a year full of struggle, pain and suffering. The first thumbnail on the left is just a portrait of Brendon Urie and I was going to make the background black and then make the font for the title white. On the right, I tried doing a silhouette of Brendon Urie to see how that would look. I posed him with a cigarette and put the title of the song inside of a puff of smoke.

Portrait  of Brendon Urie from Panic! At The Disco
Rough Draft of Impossible Year Album Cover

This is one of the rough drafts I have so far, I plan on making rough drafts for all my other thumbnails. I don’t know which song I’m going to go with, but I will figure that out soon.

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