Fall Internship Work

This semester I had my accredited internship. It started off with a lot of uncertainty. I reached out to my advisor for this class at the beginning of August, unsure what the internship was supposed to look like. I eventually was given some leads for off campus internships and knowledge that Steven Brower, an Art dept. professor, does on campus internship work! I applied to those leads and a few more I found aaannndd nothing came to fruition. Most, that actually got back to me, said they were not running internships because they wouldn’t be in person. Bummer, at that point I thought I would have to switch classes and make the internship for the following semester. Last ditch effort I again asked one of my professors and she reminded me of Professor Brower’s internship. I then contacted him and he said yes, with the caveat that he did not have any work lined up yet. Okay, at least it’s something.

Then that week I was scrolling through Insta, and I spotted a sad looking post by Campus Ministry, it was just a screenshot of a word doc. Divine Intervention occurred and I thought, “maybe I could reach out to them? Immediately responded by “ nooo that’s too awkward, that might be someone’s actual job”. It bugged me the rest of the night til I woke the next morning and immediately emailed Professor Brower to see if I could do this. At his go-ahead I emailed Sister Cathy, the director of Campus Ministry. She very quickly said yes, they have don’t have anyone helping them out.

That’s how I got here to this point. I am making content for Campus Ministry mostly for the social media, making video intros for clubs, and I will be making logos and some other things ​that are in the books!

Right now my line up is: everyday scripture post on Insta Story, make videos for Pacer Pantry and Bible Study, take photos of upcoming events​, and post content for events. I organize all the posts on a content calendar and I end up producing most of them on Adobe Spark. It is a easy and quick content maker where I make the story posts and edit the videos. I was introduced to Spark by one of my graphics classes last semester.

Pacer pantry open hours

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