Stained Glass Windows

Making stain glass out of tissue paper on various surfaces has been utilized by art therapists for decades. The act of ripping tissue has been proven to be very therapeutic and in my experience this entire process effectively transports you into a different mindset where time and pretty much everything else do not matter. Art therapists use this technique with a wide variety of clients because it has the ability to reach numerous different populations. 

When making my stained glass window, I assigned three different aspects of my life that make up who I am, but you can do more or less if desired. Each aspect of my life was assigned a different color: purple for art, red for music, and yellow was empathy. I choose these three attributes because they lead to the other qualities that make me who I am. The beauty of this is that it can be done on paper, cardboard, canvas, or anything else. I chose to use construction paper. The first thing I did was rip long, thin sections of my tissue paper. After I felt I had ripped enough tissue paper, I used a paint brush and applied glue first to a small section of the paper. Then I placed a piece of tissue paper on top of the wet glue and painted glue over it to seal it. I just continued this process with the different colors until I felt that I was finished. 

I really enjoyed this process because ripping the issue paper and then painting with glue was incredibly therapeutic. I left some white spaces in my stained glass window because I wanted to leave room for growth and improvement in all aspects of my life because as we grow we change.

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