Notorious RBG

Hello everyone! I am sure most of you are aware, but the beloved Ruth Bader Ginsburg has passed away. Ruth was the second woman to ever serve on the United states Supreme Court, and she did it for nearly 27 years. during her years of service, she has been an advocate for gender equality, women’s rights and civil rights.

As the country mourns the passing of Ruth, many are turning to art to channel that creative emotional response. Social media platforms allow artists from around the globe to comment on social issues, such as this one. Many artists are creating representations of Ruth, and they impact she had on them. This form of self expression, helps to celebrate the life of Ruth. Here are some examples.

All of these artists I found via Instagram, but they are using this platform to promote the major social changes that Ruth implemented. Here are some examples of the social reforms that Ruth sought out to change; women’s reproductive rights, LGBTQ+ marriage equality, labor protection, and health care. May her memory and dedication to social reform be a revolution and an inspiration to all.

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