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Welcome back to the wonderful home of Marywood and your first day of classes, I hope they all went well. Today I attended my first two classes and they were pretty good. I wanted to start off the new school year with a fresh start so I decided to clean out my locker. In the process of cleaning my locker, I ran across a piece artwork I have worked on my freshman year of college. That was the time where I was just trying to figure out what fits me and my style the most. I was trying to see what type of art resonated with me, I was exploring different techniques and styles in the art world. As I look at this piece of work I can see how much I have grown as an artist. This piece of work reminds me of a time where I was doing art for other people and with no meaning behind it for me as the artist.

The artwork is very colorful and abstract with different variations of shading and I’m impressed that I was able to do something like this, and the end result is pretty phenomenal. Other then the apparents of the artwork it does not speak to me. I do not have a connection with the artwork. As an artist I believe that it is important to connect with your art to tell a story. Also think about how would you want your artwork to be viewed by your audience.

Many people may be asking what did I just read and did I learn anything from this blog post. What I want you to take away is, it’s always important for the artist to relate to his or her piece, and not for the artist to produce work for others. Think about your artist thesis statement.

Stay tuned to next week post where I will show you some of the work that I am currently working on. See how my process has grown and how my artist thesis statement has evolved.

Until next time!

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