Summer And Social Media

Over the Summer I worked for a finance company where I set up and managed their Instagram account. They specialize in leasing exotic and antique cars so my job started with posting images of the cars that we had just leased. It was interesting trying to find high quality images of our vehicles and then posting them in an aesthetically pleasing order.

After about two months of posting these images with the same cookie cutter caption I explored new ideas of different content we could post on our page and presented these ideas to my boss who gave me the go ahead to put them into play.

During Car Week in Monterey, California I had an overflow of content to post featuring our sales managers who spent the week there. It was really fun coming up with new captions to accompany these photos. I also posted to our Instagram story quite a bit during the auction previews and the auction itself.

I had a really great time figuring everything out and I am excited to continue running the Instagram page remotely while at school to maintain up keep and a social media presence. It’s been a great experience and has taught me how to handle an Instagram business account.

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