Evolved Artists – Part 2

I hope we all had a wonderful weekend! As I stated in my last post, Evolved Artist, I wanted to start doing work that I can relate too. So, with that in mind, I took this 4-day weekend as the perfect opportunity to go to the studio and work on my own painting.

Before I go to the studio I look for inspiration; some images I may look up on the internet or grab some things out of my sketchbook from my drawing one class. The environment around me also plays a part in my work. Currently I have been obsessed with female body and how the mother connects with her child. Once I grab all of my sources I’ll bring them to the studio and set up my work space. I often like to go to studio late at night so I can just focus on my paintings and not disturb anyone with my music that I normally play. However, the campus was pretty empty for the holiday and I only ran into a few people.

Normally when I am working on my own personal work, I usually grab one of my old paintings and re-purpose it for a new painting that I am working on. This is because I never see myself trying to sell it or give it away. Therefore, when I use the old canvas it will bring character and texture to my new painting. Texture is something that I like to portray when building up of my paintings, how the oil paint looks when it dries resonates with me. When my eyes are close and my hands gently touch the paint it creates a three dimensional effect. The texture underneath allows me to build off of that and not work as hard if I had a brand new canvas.

Each day I would spend 2 hours in the studio and paint. I’m not completely finished with the painting but here is some of my process so far.


Stay tuned next week to see the finished product.

Until next time. 

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