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Mark Webber: I had the great pleasure, in March 2015, of bringing a number of Marywood students to Paris for some museum study at the Louvre, the D’Orsay, the Cluny, and other extraordinary museums. I do this most years over Spring Break, but this year there was the added enjoyment of being able to participate in an exhibit of my work at the Taglialatella Gallery of Paris. It was my second show there, and the gallery featured my work along with that of my friend, Rob Hay, who also used to teach at Marywood. A reception was held for the public, which my students were able to attend.

Webber in ParisThe Gallery sits on a tiny street in the Marais district, just north of the Seine, and not far from the Picasso museum and many other galleries. I was pleased at the turnout, and even enjoyed meeting a few people, mostly artists themselves, that I knew only from Facebook.

I was also happy to see that in the two years since my first show there, the gallery had moved across the street, Rue de Picardie, into a slightly larger, more distinctive space. My original thinking had been to pack up works to bring stateside for an upcoming show in Atlanta, but due to some interest in several of the pictures, they’ll be staying in Paris a bit longer. I suppose I’ll just have to go back.

Woman Scolding Dog, oils 24_ x 18_ copyTo add some symmetry to all of this, my students on the trip, and those of my colleague Ryan Ward, will be exhibiting photos, paintings and other works, made in Paris or since returning. Here’s a link to a site with more info on that show – hope some folks can catch it while it is still up April 2-25, 2015. To learn more, visit http://www.firstfridayscranton.com/3896/marywood-in-paris/

Ryan Ward got his MFA from Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, and teaches at Marywood University. He led undergraduate students on the European Study Tour to Paris this past March.

Mark Webber is an Assistant Professor at Marywood University

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