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For my last couple of weeks at my summer internship at the Allentown Art Museum, I was given a project to create an exhibition that would go up in the Scheller Gallery, which is a very big gallery. I had to choose one work from our collection and then up to twenty other works of art that did not have to be in our collection. Here is what I had to do:

So I began my research in the library and came across a piece that is actually currently up in the Butz Gallery. The piece is by Richard Anuszkiewicz called Converging Yellow Green, 1965. It gave me the idea of making up an exhibition that was all about illusion art.

I did two or three works of art for each artist and I think I did a good job at getting a variety of art that has a connecting theme.

Next was coming up with a participatory element for the exhibition. I found a couple of audio illusions and thought this was a great way for people to participate in the exhibition. There is this program called Intuiface that allows you to create something, like a power point but for interactive, so the visitors can learn but yet have fun.

Here are the links to the two illusions I found:

Scale Illusion

Barber Shop


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