Scranton Fringe Festival

With the beginning of a new school year quickly approaching it’s hard to find the silver lining in the end of summer. The pessimist comes out in all of us when we think about the one thing we don’t want to address, attend, or depart from each month. Luckily for us art kids who will be dwelling in Scranton during the month of September we have Scranton Fringe Festival to look forward to.

The festival offers a bold and engaging platform for local artists to perform and communicate with their community without having to worry about censorship, expectations, or the “what if it’s not good enough” question. All art forms are accepted for Fringe Festival from 2d and 3d showings to music, dance, poetry, film, theatre, stand up, and more.

The festival takes place on September 25th- September 30th and will offer different events throughout the five day festival. Some events are free, such as local showings and art exhibits while others ask that you buy a pass or ticket to attend.

Below I have attached a link to this years schedule for the festival:

Scranton Fringe Festival Schedule

If you are interested in participating in next year’s festival, you can apply online for free. There is no downside to this application, it’s completely free, quick, and easy, and if accepted it’s another thing you can add to your resume to show your involvement in the community and the art scene!

You can read more about the Festival in the link below as well as access the application and a better understanding of what it is all about.

Scranton Fringe Fest Homepage

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