Experience In and Out of the Classroom

Looking back on this year to all my graphic design classes, I realized that we have done a quite a few of group projects, both in the fall and spring semesters. Groups projects are a great way to get experience with others. Recently I just finished up a magazine group project that was done for one of my graphic design classes. It was a great experience. We were all on the same page throughout the entire project which was great, and the end result came of beautiful and we were all very pleased with what we created!

The next so-called group project that we will be working on is working with a different class and major. My graphic design class will be paired up with those who are interior architecture majors. Throughout the semester the interior architects have been working on building their own chairs. And since they have a First Friday show in May in downtown Scranton, they each need a brochure showcasing their chair. So my class will be making those brochures for them. This is going to be a great experience because we will be working with someone that we necessarily won’t know.

Working in groups, small or big, is always a great learning experience for the real world!

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