LHVA Murals

As mentioned in my previous posts, I am a part of a mural project for LHVA (Lackawanna Heritage Valley Association). This past week we got together to begin our murals and I personally could not ask for a better warm and sunny day!

The mural I am working on went up surprisingly fast. We managed to get the entire grid put up within the first day. The mural is not even fully completed yet but we got some really great feedback and comments from people along the trial. It felt really good to hear everyone’s lovely remarks! I cannot wait to hear what people have to say when it is fully finished.

For our second day we plan on finishing up the mural. All we have left is to put the bugs, flowers, butterfly, and poem in. I cannot wait to see what the mural will look like when it is finished, I am very excited!

Everyone accomplished a lot and all of the murals look amazing so far. I highly suggest anyone and everyone to go down and see them, I promise there will be no regrets! Here is just a taste of what is in store!

Colored Grid Mural

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