To start off my first week of summer I have been playing around with what more I can do with pattern. I came up with the idea of painting big sheets of single patterns on loose canvas. After making these sheets I have cut out shapes and collaged them together to make the rough outline of faces. The plan is to fill in the remaining blank space with more patterns, and add detailed features on top.

What makes this process interesting to me is that I will be able to use the exact same patterns and colors for multiple paintings. It will be interesting to see what they look like in different compositions. I also like that the finished paintings will have some dimension to them, In some areas there are four layers stacked on top of each other and I think this texture will be interesting.

Below are some of the process pictures before and after cutting up the sheets of pattern. I am not done with any of these pieces yet, but I will be working to finish them over the next few days

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