Student Spotlight: Summer Break

Hello, all! Normally, this would be where you find the student spotlight each week at “Where Creativity works,” but since it’s summer I’ll be taking a break from that and writing a bit about my personal work as an artist.

Sunflower Vans

Something I really enjoy doing with my work is painting on different surfaces. About a year ago I started to paint people’s shoes, usually their vans or their converse.

“Happy Hippy” Vans

I’ve done a few pairs now and they have been a lot of fun to do and are challenging in their own unique way because of the surface and the shape of the shoe.

I begin by prepping the shoes and cleaning them off if they’re dirty or worn and then I stuff the insides with old newspaper to hold the shape.

Then, I gesso the shoes with just plain white so that I can begin on a fresh surface or, I mix another color along with the gesso to have the base color something brighter to go with the design.

“Spring” shoes

If the design is really detailed, I sometimes sketch it out first but normally I just begin painting on the shoes freehand.

Once the shoes are completely dry, I add a black outline to some designs to make the shoes even bolder.

Finally, I seal the paint with a high gloss varnish to protect it from chipping and rain.

“Daisy” Vans

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