Exploring Texture

I have been very excited to share what I’ve been up to the past week with my paintings since my painting II class has allowed us to begin exploring abstractions and non-objective art.

Each student is working on something of their own interests, with their own materials and colors and tools. This week, I decided to add a high gloss medium to my acrylic and paint only in black and white with a spoon I took from my kitchen.

I actually just finished this painting about twenty minutes ago, before I sat down to write this. While it didn’t take me very long to complete this piece, it took a lot of paint, effort and concentration on creating an even composition with the stroke of the spoon.

Using a spoon in place of a palette knife was like learning to use a palette knife for the first time again… it was awkward to grip and definitely made me nervous that I would mess up the idea in my head when I couldn’t control the angle of the spoon the same way you can with the knife!

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