Student Spotlight: Tumnus Moran

Meet Tumnus!

Name: Tumnus Moran

Year you’ll be graduating: Class of Unspecified, I’m am benefiting from taking my time and experiencing as much as I can!

Major: Illustration

Minor(s): I’d like to minor in Graphic Design but I would also like to get involved with more studio arts.

I am majoring in Art because I was excited to surround myself with more people who are passionate about art.  I am still trying to find my way artistically and I enjoy the kinds of problem-solving presented to me in my Illustration classes.

The kinds of things that inspire me are the performance arts inevitably influences a lot of my work.  I love film and theatre, and performed for several years in stage plays and musicals.  I appreciate storytelling through character studies and hope in my time here to improve my ability to express that emotion in my studio art.

My favorite class so far was it is legitimately difficult to choose!  My Drawing and Figure Drawing classes have probably been the most important to my art outside of school.  I have almost started from the beginning again in how I think about a drawing, even in how I physically hold my materials.  I have had many opportunities to rethink how I approach making art in my drawing classes.

When I’m not in class my life is mostly art and animals.  I love cats and live with all rescues.  Currently have an orphaned field mouse who I’ve hand-raised since she was found in a parking lot.  I am particularly proud of her rehabilitation as she was only about a week old when she was spotted and her eyes were still shut tight for the first several days.

The coolest thing I’ve done so far was this semester I broke out of my comfort zone of paper and pencil to take Ceramics.  It has been exciting to learn the basics of a new skill and soon I hope to add functional pieces of art to my daily life that I am proud to have made.  I love that I get to work with my hands and want to pursue more three dimensional mediums.

When I graduate as a nontraditional student, I am finding my own path to graduation.  I love learning for learning’s sake and I am taking my opportunity to study at Marywood to become a more disciplined person both in my art and life beyond school.

I’d recommend the Art program at Marywood because I began taking college courses before my high school graduation in 2011 and studied English and Theology locally for several years.  I have struggled for quite a while to find a sense of community. There was an immediate sense of belonging in the Marywood Art Department.  I felt that my capacity to learn was valued above my admitted shortcomings as a student and it allowed me the freedom to grow as a person rather than obsess over letter grade.  I have the space here to challenge myself, explore, play, fail, and build myself back up all with the support of people who actually seem like they want to seem me succeed.

The best spot to be on campus while I may be biased, I would encourage students from any major to walk through the Insalaco Studio Arts building.  It was the space that first had me fall in love with the campus and why I wanted to study at Marywood. Every morning I pass thoughtful and nuanced art that may have been created by the person I’m riding the elevator with.  I often eat my lunch or draw between classes on the second floor where one has a stunning view of the courtyard and autumn trees.

That’s all for this week! Thank you Tumnus for sharing your work, and definitely consider graphic design as a minor, you’re great at designing on the computer! See y’all next week!

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