Just for Coffee

I am personally a fan of coffee. I make myself a fresh brew every morning before breakfast, adding the ground up beans to my french press and waiting for the dark elixir to emerge. I’ve been using a french press for myself for the last 3 years but I also love the simplicity of pour-over coffee. The only issue is that I don’t personally have any means of making a pour-over, so I thought for a little fun I would make myself something to solve that problem.

The first step was making a vessel body to both brew my coffee in. I first approached it with a round-bellied type vessel that resembled more of a vase than anything else and wasn’t quite happy with the way it was looking so i started over. on the second go, I went with a cleaner, simpler body with straight walls and no frills.

Stein-like shape to the coffee pot

After I had the main body done i thought of how I would get the pour-over aspect to work. I ended up quickly sketching a few ideas and tossed a small piece of clay onto the wheel once I was happy with the design.

The lid ended up exactly how I wanted it to, having a perfect fit and a good ratio to the body size. After making this piece i decided I also wanted a lid to use after making the coffee, to keep it fresh and warm. I also quickly threw a spout on the wheel, and made a handle to put on the back. The finnished pot ended up like this.

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