Exploring Texture

I’ve always had a fascination with the ability to feel my surroundings and the sensations of the textures of the world around me. IMG_20180606_223013_030My current work has allowed me to explore various ways that the medium of clay can feel to the viewer both physically and mentally, and it has expanded my ability in the medium, but also in the creative process. I try to think about all of the emotions that the viewer will feel both literally and figuratively and create work that is becoming strong in both areas. IMG_20180510_233021_975.jpg

As I continue to think about my final showcase next year, I am attempting to explore bolder and more creative ways of allowing the viewer to really FEEL the piece of work. The process has so far been quite enjoyable, but as time goes on I know I will have to push myself further and further to create the best vision of each piece.


Featured photos: All photos from my personal work.

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