Limitless Performance Art

Wow, it was absolutely fabulous! The Limitless Performance Art 12th annual dance recital was an incredible show. We know that there are many words which we can use to appreciate someone’s performance and the words I would used to describe these performances I saw this weekend would be: amazing, astonishing, exceptional and extraordinary. The dancers were full of energy and moved across the stage effortlessly. The dancers step into an arabesque position with a sharp, percussive attack and some with a light, flowing ease. There’s energy change in an instant, and several types of energy concurrently in the dance. Limitless Performance Art dance recital age range from 2 to 18 but this year we had the pleasure of seeing two performances from two dancers who work for a private dance company.

My nieces did a phenomenal job on stage, the one performance that was extremely impressive was their Tap Dance. I have taken tap for four years and it was a struggle for me. As I mentioned in my last post this was their first year taking tap and they kept up with the rest of their classmates you cannot even tell that this was their first time.

Each year I try to help out in whatever area that is needed because LPA is a family away from home. The past few years I have been working for the LPA as the seamstress. During the day of the dance recital I help out in the dressing room and put makeup on the dancers. Overall the show went extremely well and we recognized our Director, Stacy Turner, and assistant director, her daughter Donielle Turner, for completing another year at LPA. Also finding a bigger building to relocate to as they continue to grow.

Now that the dance recital is over I’m taking the necessary step to accomplish my annual fashion show that I have every summer. The first step is finding at banquet hall and a date for my fashion show. Stay tuned to next week on my decision!

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